Friday, February 27, 2009


So here's the blouse I made from the Simplicity 3835 I referred to in the last post. It was so easy to follow. I made it from a cotton voile I had spotted in Textile Traders the other week. It was supposed to have elastic around the sleeves, but I didn't want that (it makes my arms look fat!), so I just hemmed as normal. I would certainly make this again. A much better option to the Tshirts I wear on a daily basis. I felt a little more dressed up without going over the top! After all, it was just made to pop into school to drop the kids off!

There is some lovely black broderie anglaise I have in my stash that would look really nice with this pattern....I'll get to it! I reckon that's a big tick on number 7 for my Must Sew list.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Remember this?...

Well, my Must Sew #1 disaster now looks like this...

I had that darn 3 armhole dress hanging up in my sewing room begging for forgiveness, so I thought I'd give it a new life.... I loved the fabric - and still love that vintage pattern (Butterick 4699), but the 2 together just didn't work, and I still need to make the vintage pattern smaller. I had this Simplicity pattern already, and thought that it may just save the day! And I think it did. I unpicked the original dress, and used the fabric from what I's a little shorter than I prefer because I didn't have enough fabric, but Oh so Summery! This pattern went together so easily, and I really like the fit. I also lined it because I think garments just hang a whole lot nicer when thery're lined.

I actually used the shorter length sleeve in View C (without elastic gathering) because I really didn't like the longer sleeves on the pattern.

I am still wanting to sew the original vintage pattern (3 armhole dress)....I'll have to give that one some extra thought.

I am going to make up the blouse pattern from the Simplicity 3835 because it looks SO easy! I have just the fabric to make it up in. I may just do this tonight or tomorrow. I'll show you when it's done...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Geez..That quilting gig is harder than I thought! I had never attempted quilting before, so I thought it safe to try it on something small. I did the fancy-pants random straight line thingy, and was quite pleased with the result. But I think I will leave quilting to the experts!

I do look rather fancy swishing around the kitchen in my new apron and matching pot holders though.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ok, I can now tick off another item from my Must Sew list. YAY.

Here is the cupcake apron I made for Linda from - It's the adult version I made for Bec's birthday (Butterick 5823).......and below is the version I made for me. Once again, it's reversable (I just like reversable "stuff" as it looks like you own more than you actually have). Both sides are animal print - which I really dig!

Hmmmmm I can feel some matching pot holders coming on...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Bec needed (wanted) a pouch to protect her new calculator she requires for Maths. So she chose some fabric and co-ordinating ribbon from my stash. When she asked for one of these pouches, I remembered a great tutorial from the Stop Staring and Start Sewing blog I read the other day. The tutorial was really easy to follow (I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself!), and to make them was so quick. The only thing I did different was I lined each one in co-ordinating fabric (only because I love the way lining makes things look so neat and tidy inside, - pathetic, I know). This lady does some pretty cool stuff, so go and take a peek at her blog.

And of course, all her friends wanted one too!

With that done, I'm off to sew something for myself!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, Bec will be going into Middle School - she's so ready! Me, not so ready! And Tom will be going into Year 3! I'm feeling a little anxious, but this year will be a good year. My focus in 2009 is on my family, I felt that I neglected them somewhat last year and things are gonna change!

Anyhoo, here's hoping that this week won't be too traumatic for you or your little ones.

I haven't sewn this's been far too hot and I can't handle it. Our airconditioning goes in on Tuesday, so I'll be firing up the sewing machine then!
Here's a costume I did for Tom for a Christmas concert. Can you guess what he was?

Yep, a Christmas present. I just grabbed an old box and covered it in some hologram contact. Attached some gold ribbon around the box with some Christmas decorations. Tom made a gift tag with "Merry Christmas" on it. Chucked on some straps that would blend in with his T.Shirt and Voila!

Have a good week.