Friday, February 27, 2009


So here's the blouse I made from the Simplicity 3835 I referred to in the last post. It was so easy to follow. I made it from a cotton voile I had spotted in Textile Traders the other week. It was supposed to have elastic around the sleeves, but I didn't want that (it makes my arms look fat!), so I just hemmed as normal. I would certainly make this again. A much better option to the Tshirts I wear on a daily basis. I felt a little more dressed up without going over the top! After all, it was just made to pop into school to drop the kids off!

There is some lovely black broderie anglaise I have in my stash that would look really nice with this pattern....I'll get to it! I reckon that's a big tick on number 7 for my Must Sew list.

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  1. Very nice as per usual I would love to see the black one (broadaray anglaze is to hard to spell correctly)
    Luv Me