Thursday, February 5, 2009


Bec needed (wanted) a pouch to protect her new calculator she requires for Maths. So she chose some fabric and co-ordinating ribbon from my stash. When she asked for one of these pouches, I remembered a great tutorial from the Stop Staring and Start Sewing blog I read the other day. The tutorial was really easy to follow (I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself!), and to make them was so quick. The only thing I did different was I lined each one in co-ordinating fabric (only because I love the way lining makes things look so neat and tidy inside, - pathetic, I know). This lady does some pretty cool stuff, so go and take a peek at her blog.

And of course, all her friends wanted one too!

With that done, I'm off to sew something for myself!


  1. Wow!! Those are better than mine! It makes me so happy to see these (and thanks for the link)!

    Great blog too!

  2. OMG Jen you got someone from the USA commenting on your blog. Not fair. The pouches look great I think I might need one for my sunnies. I have a sewing job for you. Will send you an email. Say hi to he kids for me.
    xx Linda
    PS dont get too excited.

  3. Love the calculator cosies - such a great idea! My 12 yr old duaghter has made an ipod cosie and a sunglasses cosie - I will have to get her to make calcualtor one to match.