Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Circles" on one side...

Which is so appropriate as the fabric range is called 'Lollipop' from Spotlight .

"Squares" on the other side...

When we moved into our new house (over 12 months ago now) I found it all too overwhelming to do the curtains for the whole house, so I called in the experts....Spotlight. They did a fabulous job with the pelmets, curtains and blinds. When I saw the 'Lollipop' range, I knew this would be perfect for the kid's rooms. The colour ranges are in pinks, aquas and blues; and within each colour range has different patterns - circles, squares and stripes.

So the I had the pelmets and curtains made in the stripes by Spotlight. And I decided to make up the kid's doona covers and pillow cases in the other co-ordinating patterns. The rolls of fabric have been staring at me for the past 6 months...

Tom wanted press studs for the opening of the doona cover. Something which I had never attempted before - punching holes in fabric used to leave me cold, but now I'm wanting to put press studs in everything, it was soooo easy! Yay for me!

Bec on the other hand wanted bows at the end of her doona cover

Can I sew something for myself now kids?


  1. Go YOU Jenni...they look fabulous! Press studs are fun...until you put one in the wrong spot LOL. Yours look awesome, and I bet the kids are thrilled. Good to see you finding some time for your sewing :)

  2. Hooray at last, they look great Jen. I bet they are happy with them.

  3. Such gorgeous doona covers, I love them both equally as much - clever you!

  4. Love the bedroom makeovers! I love the doona's reversibility - you can never go wrong with spots and stripes.

  5. Good to see you finding some time for your sewing :)

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