Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I haven't posted about costumes for a while, and went through some photos that I hadn't yet sorted and came across a bunch of costumes I did for a JRock Eisteddfod that my children's school entered last year. (I've smudged child's face for privacy reasons)

The production was based on a book titled "The Cool Pool" about a group of animals giving their monkey friend a surprise birthday party (to cut a long story short).

This costume is of a chameleon, and although I wasn't happy with how the costume started, I was really happy with the end result.

I used the Kwik Sew 3104 unitard pattern (view A) for the body. I made it a few sizes bigger than required because when the fabric stretched, the shiny coating didn't seem to have much of a memory, so I didn't want the costume too fitted. The fabric I used was a shiny rainbow lycra (which was really horrid to sew as my needle kept sticking to the fabric and missing stitches....but I persevered and it paid off!)
I added a huge curly tail and stuffed it with some wadding. I also added some spikes down the length of her back and tail for effect.
I loved making the head! I just got an old bike helmet, covered it in wadding to soften the look and made an elasticised cap (like a shower cap) to slip over the top of it and added spikes down the centre as well.
The eyes were ping-pong balls that I painted with Kindy Glitz (Sparkly glue) and painted a black dot on them for her pupil.
These photos were taken at the dress rehearsal a week before and I hadn't yet made the 'claws' and didn't end up getting a photo (drats!). But these were just modeled on oven mitts and slipped over her hand.
For the tongue, we used one of those party blowers which turned out to look really cute. She was in the opening scene sitting on a rock. Her movements were so life-like and when she blew the tongue out it looked great!
On the night, with the stage make-up etc. She looked really effective.
And those pink legs in the background? They were my pride and joy....Flamingos! but that's another post!


  1. love the chameleon costumes, they look great! please post about the flamingoes too. Your hint about the pink legs has me intrigued! great stuff!!!!!!

  2. How very very clever you are! Can't wait to see the flamingoes!

  3. Jen you are so clever it really puts my toga costume to shame.

  4. Nice blog! I found you on "we love to sew". Check out mine....

  5. Wow - very creative Jenni - I bet the teacher was thrilled to have you as costume designer!

  6. Your hint about the pink legs has me intrigued! great stuff

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  7. wow!!! my doughters want to be characters from "Tangled" the little one is so excited to be Pascal (chameleon) and you just resolve my dilema.... THX a lot you r so smart!!!

  8. i thought i ask the question - are you will to sell this costume? i have a 7/8 yr old that will be performing Pascal on ice - your costume would be amazing!

  9. her performance is in June. my work phone is 707 265 4087 (California).