Sunday, January 18, 2009


We're back and refreshed from our beautiful holiday at Busselton. This was the view from the beach one evening. Lots of fishing and fun was had that night! It was so hot down there, but it only took us a minute to walk to the beach......bliss!

Anyhoo, an exciting package was waiting for me when we arrived home. It was this vintage pattern I ordered from

I'm thinking that I might sew this up in either a white or black broderie anglaise or linen, or even a Pucci print. I feel the need to go fabric shopping real soon! We have a bbq to go to on Saturday, and I would love to wear this. Oh dear, so many outings and not enough frocks!

I've made a list of 10 Must Sew items. If I publish them, then I have to sew them or I'll look like a right git! So here they are....

  1. Abovementioned dress.

  2. A Funky shirt for Glen.

  3. Animal print shift dress (to go with the fabulous bag I bought in Busselton. It was on special.....really it was).

  4. A funky shirt for Tom (or anything else he desires!).

  5. An apron for myself (I'm sick of wearing my daggy old one!) Oh, I have to make one for Linda at (she liked the cup cake one).

  6. A jacket or coat.

  7. A couple of tops to replace the many Tshirts I get around in.

  8. An outfit for Bec (although she could probably make it herself! maybe I'll just help her make one instead)

  9. A skirt.

  10. A pair of pants or jeans.

11. Make God Daughter a ball gown

Yeah, I know there's only supposed to be 10, but I forgot the Ball Gown and was swiftly reminded by my God Daughter's mother, so I added this a couple of days later!

There! I said it and now I have to do it!

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  1. Okay we will tick them of as you do them. Uh hmm you forgot to mention ball dress for god daughter. Am I making you feel guilty? When are you going to take photos of all the fab costumes you have sewed for your readers to see.
    See you on Thursday