Saturday, January 24, 2009


Like most schools, Multicultural Day is held each year. I made these costumes in 2006. I use poplin most times with costumes because 1: it is cheap and 2: there are so many colours available.

Spanish Dancer: I used Simplicity 5042 (View C minus the hip drapes) which I don't think is available any more. I shortened the skirt slightly and added 3 rows of lace to give the tiered appearance. I made a simple ribbon choker (length of satin ribbon and used bather clips to attached around neck and glued a fabric rose to it). Add pair of fish-net stockings and you have a Spanish Dancer!

Tom's Beefeater costume was a real hit!

Loosely based on the above pattern (View B but no cape....obviously),
it was actually a jumpsuit, but I just made the bottom 1/2 into the pants and the top 1/2 I lengthened, and made into a jacket by using Velcro down the front. I added epaulets to the shoulders with some fancy silver buttons and made a Mandarin style collar. I used a silver piping around the sleeve edges and jacket edge to finish. The hat was made from polar fleece (no pattern so I just fooled around a bit until I got it right.), giving it that furry appearance. I stuffed it full of wadding so that it would keep it's shape and used black elastic for the chin strap.

Tom had just finished studying England at school, and his class had made little paper Beefeaters. So this was just the perfect thing for him to dress as.

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  1. Jeez Jen how many more have you got. These ones look fab
    xx Linda