Friday, January 23, 2009

''P" and a "V"

Let me introduce you to 'Po' (for those uninitiated, Po is a member of the Teletubbies series which viewed on the ABC). I made this one for Glen to wear to the the 40th Birthday party I spoke about last post. This was so easy to make. I used McCall's 8953 (View D)and used polar fleece. The spats were way cool, and really made the costume complete. I had to copy the antenna and ears from a child's costume though, that took the longest part getting the proportions right. I just attached the "TV" section to the front with Velcro so that the zipper could be done up easily.

And I was obviously (I hope) a Viking. I used Simplicity 9891 (View B) for the bodice section. The sleeves had to be altered to suit, and also had to shorten the skirt section. Fabric used was a faux suede which made up really well. The helmet was bought from Lombards, but I think that most party hire/supply places sell these and are quite cheap (about $10). My fake plaits and shell necklace were from a $2 shop which finished off the ensemble quite nicely I think.
Now I have to go and make that 3 armhole dress. I want to wear it tomorrow night and still haven't started it! Wish me luck.....


  1. I have to put this on my blog. You look like one sexy mama here.
    xx Linda

  2. Love your costumes Jenni - you are very talented!! Found your blog from Linda and love it - look forward to seeing more of your wonderful costumes.... and by the way, I loooove how organised your sewing room is!!!!!
    Jo :)