Tuesday, April 19, 2011

VOGUE 8184

Ahhh Vogue 8184...How I love Thee!
(Especially because I cheated and didn't put any boning in!)

This is the fabric I bought a little while ago from the Potter Textiles Outlet in Leederville.

It's 100% cotton with a nice slub in it, I was a little disappointed in the way the fabric faded and softened considerably when I pre-washed it, but it's still OK and I'm willing to forgive seems I got it at such a nice price.

I was going to make up a nifty vintage suit with it but as it ended up quite soft, I opted to belt out another sundress before the cold weather hit.

As I mentioned before, I decided not to bone the bodice and it still fits nicely so may do the next couple of dozen of these without the boning (Ha! I think Tracy and I are having a secret race to see who can make the most.......she's winning!!!)

A view of the inside bodice. As the fabric felt quite soft, I decide to line the skirt section.
I'm quite chuffed how the end of the zipper and lining sit really well, I usually muck that bit up!
The lining is a bit wrinkly because I wore it out to lunch before photographing it.

It was a 'hand hemming the darn thing as I have hair dye on and only an hour before I have to be at lunch across the other side of the river!' kind of job, but I work well under pressure!

And just to prove I'm still hand hemming:)

Hmmmmmm, what to sew next?

Enjoy your Easter!


  1. Lovely Jen, hopefully it will still be warm enough over the next two weeks and i will get to see you wearing it.