Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I wasn't going to make another New Look 6805 this time, but I couldn't help myself!
(When on a good thing, you know???)

Anyway, I finished this dress about two weeks ago but only finished the belt the other night. I plan on wearing this to a wedding on Saturday so I didn't want to wear it until its debut there!

I was going to make this fabric up in the Crepe design from Colette Patterns, but the fabric had more stretch than I originally thought and it still remained a little stiff after washing, so I went to 'Plan B'.

No inside shots this time......because I'm lazy!!

And yes, the hem is hand stitched:)

And thought I'd make a little fabric flower brooch to pop onto my bag for the night.

Made according to this tutorial here.....

And a close-up of my belt!

Have a great week!


  1. Lovvvely Jen! Plan B worked a treat.
    Careful, you'll outshine the bride in this one :)

  2. Very noice Jen, have fun at the wedding. What are your plans for the hols-any free days?

  3. Love it Jenni...so beautifully stitched too!