Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tracy so kindly shared her latest fabric shop secret with me and took me to a wonderful fabric shop on Monday.
Potter Textiles Outlet in West Leederville would have to be the 'find' of the year!

Not a huge shop, but certainly has quite a range of discounted fashion fabrics and the staff are so lovely and helpful!

This was my first snatch and grab!
I saw it in the 'bargain bin' and grabbed it straight away. At only $3.00 (yes, $3.00) per metre and 150cm wide, how could I resist??

It's a cotton/spandex woven fabric with such a nice feel to it.
I'm considering making up the Crepe Dress from the Colette Pattern Range but I've only just ordered the pattern so this will have to wait until the Postie comes.

My second purchase was this 100% cotton at $9.95 per metre (150cm wide again). They had a couple of colourways in this design but I liked this the best....it's an almost black fabric with a lighter grey slub through it.

I'm thinking of making the purple outfit up with it. I'll line the dress and jacket and might make the jacket sleeves more of a bracelet length instead, seems now it is officially Autumn.

Tracy has posted some photos of the shop here, she took some photos on her discovery visit a few weeks back.

They apparently change over the fabrics about every three weeks, so I'll have to pop that into my diary for my next trip!


  1. Oh yes, it IS officially autumn!
    I want to make a vintage 60s dress/jacket ensemble, but the idea of working with wool is a little stifling at the mo'!
    Let's shop again soon.

  2. Cant wait to see what you make.