Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, I'm really happy with this dress......it took way too long to finish, "life" just got in the way of my sewing this past week, but I'm ready to start another project!

I must admit that while tackling the bodice, I remembered why I don't like making shawl collars...it was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you know that corner section where the top part of the shoulder seam is a right angle, and the actual collar is rounded - I tweeked, said a few "foofy" words, threw it on the floor for a day (or two), tweeked some more and finally "nailed it"! I made some 'self covered' buttons (which are sooo easy to make, and look really great!)

I love the sleeves, though I think they are a bit too 'full' for popping under a 3/4 sleeve cardigan. The picture on the pattern cover makes it look like the sleeves are slim fitting. I suppose that is the problem with sketches of designs, it is the artist's impression of how they think the garment should look, not how it actually is. The short sleeve version would be best suited I think for under a cardi.

Anyhoo, I will go through my latest vintage purchases tonight and decide what is next.


  1. Lovely dress!! Looks like the fabric drapes beautifully.

  2. Yay Jen nice dress. Wondered what happenend to you this week. When are you free these hols. Caitlin needs driving practice so I said she could drive to your place so it looks like its at your house :).
    Luv Me

  3. Love this! It's absolutely gorgeous on you.

  4. What a great dress-I bet you are so glad you finished it!