Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have been AWOL again the last few days. We decided to take another trip down to Busselton for the second time these school holidays! Lots of Sea, Sun, Sand, Surf and Swimming! I am now catching up on a few things that I needed to post that I didn't get a chance to do before I went.

My Must Sew #4 was to make something for my gorgeous Thomas. I must have been a bit slow on completing this for him...He said to me last week "Mummy, why don't you sew for me?" Which was like a dagger through my heart! I hope I have redeemed myself. His face lit up when he saw the finished product. He loves sharks (or any animal that kills for that matter!) and I saw this cotton fabric at Spotlight a while ago and had to buy it on the spot! I used Simplicity 4381 View A with which I used a navy piping. A really easy pattern - but I have to admit, the piping must add on about an hour extra to make. I will definitely make this again in a fleece for winter (WITHOUT PIPING OK TOM?)

Here's a close-up of the fabric pattern and piping.

Also, I was a very lucky girl indeed the other day when my friend Linda surprised me with this lovely pencil tidy that she made. It's in the shape of a handbag...(she knows how much I love handbags!) How cute! You will find more about how she did this on her Blog. Thank You Linda.

I Love, Love, Love it!


  1. Busselton is such a wonderful spot - no wonder you were tempted to go back so soon! Love the PJ's - the shark fabric is perfect for an 8 yr old boy, and the piping finishes it off well! I have been making PJ's this holidays too.

  2. Cute jammies! I don't know that I could be bothered with piping PJs either...but they do look great! The piping adds a professional touch.
    Glad you have made the most of this gorgeous weather. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend xxx


  3. jen I cant believe that you made them so quickly. last week I was there and it was just a pile of fabric. I bet Thomas was impressed with them. You will have to tell me how to do that link thing again or where the info is.