Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well I finally finished this shirt for husby. He likes it. Yes, he does.
So do I.
And Bec.
And Tom.
Tom wants a mini one for him.
It was really easy to sew up, I like the simplicity of the Kwik Sew patterns. I was going to hide the pocket in the guitar panel, but changed my mind and placed it onto the other side (as per pattern instructions). It's more of a balance, I think.
I didn't have to make any alterations, although I reckon I could get away with making a size smaller for the next one. Both fabrics were 100% cotton, but the guitar fabric was actually a craft fabric and I think it really suits the style of shirt. Husby just has to learn how to play the guitar now...
And it actually didn't really take almost a month to make, just when I was getting my 'sewjo' back, Tom's class needed some chair bags to be made up, so I was distracted with that for a while...
Have a super week!


  1. WOW Jenni! That shirt looks fabulous...of course he likes it! "Sewjo" it :)

  2. yes i can see Glen in that. I cant believe it, if your not sewing costumes for music events its chair bags, you are so good.
    PS did you see the terrible photo Susan has done a LO with!

  3. The shirt looks fantastic, I love the guitar feature.

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