Monday, December 28, 2009


This is my version of the 'Walk Away Dress'.
I've used a really nice embroidered gingham from Spotlight with the re-issued pattern from Butterick 4790.

The original pattern was Butterick 6015.

OK. This was a super easy facings at all and it just needed bias around the neckline, armholes etc.

This was actually going to be my Christmas outfit and was going along just fine (on Christmas Eve) when I realised that the centre front was only held together by 3 press studs.....

Yeah, Right!

I stopped sewing straight away. The thought of my 3 tiny snaps "popping" after downing the Christmas turkey left me in a cold sweat! I didn't even entertain the idea - I had read a few pattern reviews on this particular pattern, and a lot of sewists suggested making a size smaller than needed, so I had, and it was nice and firm around the waist (the full circle skirt makes it rather heavy, making it drag a little at the behind), so any added pressure would have been disastrous!

So instead of the press studs/snaps, I used a 'hook and eye tape' and it holds nice and firm. And the 'self cover' buttons on the front just hide the sewing nicely.

I love this dress! Perhaps it's my New Years Eve Dress instead...


  1. Oh wow razzle dazzle. I am sure that your idea of super easy and mine are quite different Jen. The dress looks gorgeous, its a pity you couldn't do a twirl for us.
    get your diary out we have to set a date.

  2. So flattering, and a really nice fit :) LOL about the Christmas turkey...but good recovery with the hook and eye tape! I'd love to see the fabric IRL...looks gorgeous! Happy New Year to you and yours, and have a lovely break. Can I put a date in my diary too? Would love another catch up :)

  3. I love this dress on you - it makes me want to make it! I'm a beginner so I'm a bit afraid!!!

    I do own the pattern and after seeing how fantastic it is on you - it does make me wonder . . .

  4. Great idea with the hook&eyes. I'm just getting started on the same dress and am also concerned with having three little snaps holding the front closed. I'm making mine out of a beautiful 100% linen plaid - the kind of thing I'll be able to wear dressy or tomboy - and I want to know for those tomboy/dress+boots+romping-around-moments, the thing is going to stay closed. I sorta didn't want to deal with reshaping the front so that I could have functional buttons, and your suggestion of using hooks and eyes is just the ticket. Thanks!

  5. I made it with buckles to secure the front - the weight was a good counterbalance to the circle skirt and kept the whole thing from riding up. It was also a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the dress.