Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wishing you a fabulous 2010...

Keep it safe and keep it gorgeous!

Well I was "blog naughty" these last few months and kind of lost my sewing mojo (whilst getting into the new work regime of mine!) Because of that, I didn't finish my "2009 Must Sew List".

So my New Year's Resolution is to complete the list BEFORE I sew anything else.

Here's what I did achieve...

1. Vintage Butterick 4699 DONE
2. A funky shirt for Glen STILL TO DO (bought the pattern)
3. Animal print shift dress STILL TO DO (still looking for nice print)
4. A funky shirt for Tom (or anything else
he desires!) DONE
5. An apron DONE
6. A jacket or coat STILL TO DO (no excuses here)
7. A few tops/blouses DONE
8. An outfit for Bec (or help her make one) STILL TO DO (no excuses here either)
9. A skirt (or two) DONE
10. A pair of pants/jeans DONE
I'd better get 'crackin' as there is sewing to be done!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Jen only four left thats pretty good. All i can say is that my rod pockets still need sewing.LOL.
    Happy New Year