Sunday, February 19, 2012


My heart just skipped a beat when Tom wanted to sew a stuffed animal toy for part of his school term project.

So he got to and searched the Internet for a pattern that he knew he could cope with (ie: one that Mum wouldn't need to rescue him from;)

Raided my stash for some frog appropriate fabric, buttons and eyeballs.

He cut the pattern out himself and was rather creative in cutting out the fabric too, but luckily the polar fleece was quite forgiving!

I did have to help with the pinning together but I reckon that's ok.

And, he steered the sewing machine really well (with only a little guidance from Mum).

He had more fun stuffing his undies with fibre-fill than the actual toy though!
I won't show you that photo...

Ta Dah!!!


  1. Yay Thomas that's as good as I can do, well done.

  2. As much as I hate frogs :) this one is very cute! Well done Thomas!