Saturday, October 1, 2011


Life around here the last few months has been pretty craayzee, to say the least!

Apart from my secretarial job which I absolutely adore (I get to frock up a couple of times a week), I got another part-time job which has left me very tired and with little time to do the one thing I really!

I won't mention where my second job is as I really don't think I'll be there for much longer for it has been rather disappointing so far, and I guess I'm just used to being around for the kids during school holidays.

So please bear with my lack of posting for a while longer until I pluck up the courage to resign;/

But alas! I have a new toy!

I've been pretty much embroidering everything that's not tied down but Bec has done the first piece that is actually 'Show and Tell' worthy!!

Bec had a birthday party to go to last night and wanted to make her friend a makeup purse.
She did a smashing job I thought (but I might have to hide my new toy!)

And a sneaky peaky inside...

OK, yes, that is lime green nail polish you see in there, along with flouro pink and flouro purple!
I've been told she'll grow out of day...

Have a great week and I'll keep you posted on the job front.


  1. Wow Bec thats way better than i can do (its got a zip in it)..will have to catch up soon, heaps to tell you. Have funwith your new toyxx

  2. gotta love new toys! Sorry to hear that your second job isn't working out as hoped, but here's to more sewing time! Bec did an awesome job on the pouch...too clever!