Friday, February 18, 2011

VOGUE 8184

This Vogue 8184 just be another 'go to' pattern!

My sewing pal, Tracy, introduced this little gem a while ago but I've only just made it up. It's actually the same fabric type as my previous dress.

I decided to use poplin for the bodice lining as this dress has boning in it so I wanted something with a little more firmness than the typical lining.

I must admit though, when I found out it had boning, I thought "pfth! No need for boning!" but I eat my words......there probably isn't any real need for boning, but it does give the bodice a really nice, firm fit.

Here's the back view...

Once again, I decided on an invisible zipper and lengthened the skirt about 5cm.

And for all those 'neat freaks''s a couple of inside snap-shots!

The boning is quite easy to put in. I couldn't find the right width covered boning at the time, so I just bought some sew-in boning and made the channels out of some bias binding which worked a treat!

Lower edge of bodice was painstakingly hand-sewn (for a nicer finish!)

And my hand-sewn hem (Thanks Tracy for the motivation to hand sew all my hems from hereon in!)

Enjoy your week!


  1. Wow, that's a lovely job Jen!
    I did a similar tweaks bias binding channels, hand-sewn hem (natch). I made a waist stay, which also finishes off the inside bodice bottom edge nicely. I've made 3 versions of this dress, each looks completely different! How versatile :)
    For my Liberty lawn version, I didn't bone as it would be too rigid for the fabric. I've just cut my 4th version of this dress - another Liberty, from Calico&Ivy in Mosman Park!
    See you soon
    Tracy xox

  2. How gorgeous is that dress? Seriously Jenni, you are making me want to pull out my dressmaking patterns and just go for it! I've never done boning, but the results are great.

  3. I am amazed that Susan didn't ask for that dress as she is the queen of dots. Looks great Jen.The next time we catch up you have to wear one of your new dresses. Love those shoes.

  4. WOW! Really fantastic! I've never worked with boning before but the bodice fits beautifully and the inside looks great! Great job!