Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was recently invited to a 40th birthday party with a 70's theme.

I was very excited about this...

champagne cocktails, chocolate fondue, nibblies of the era, platforms, jucke box, flares, blue eyeshadow!

I typically left it for the last minute to start making an outfit, and so rummaged through my stash of patterns to see if I had something reeking of the 70's that I could whip up and found this little treasure!

It's from 1976 and I knew it was to be the moment I saw it. I first had a vision of light blue satin with some white ABBA boots, but after some serious re-thinking, decided to do a denim number with tan boots
(I had to buy some new boots anyway... muahahahah, no, really, I did need some)

I may actually wear the denim again and thought I'd only wear it in satin the once.
I gathered some groovy jewellery together and tried, oh so tried, to do the Farah Fawcett Flicks and gave up after about 30 minutes of trying to burn my scalp with the curling wand and popped a headscarf on instead!

I practised my disco dancing all week so that I could get my groove thing happening on the night.
My kids just don't get that!

Anyhoo, here's the finished product. It was really easy and didn't have to make any alterations at all, which was just as well as I finished it the afternoon of the party!

And a little top stitching never goes astray!

And here was my favourite sound track of the night, which just happened to be released the same year as my jumpsuit pattern.


  1. Ha! I love it, very Chrissy Snow, with the boots and all. Someday I'll make a jumpsuit...

  2. Now THAT is just too cool Jenni...perfect look for the theme. Not sure I'm believing that you "needed" new boots though..hee hee hee...
    Your top stitching is so neat!

  3. I love 70s patterns and your version of this jumpsuit is stunning!

  4. I made that pattern for myself in 1976 when I was still young and trim in denim and loved it. It never fitted properly after I had children as I never returned to that shape again.

  5. Oh Jen, i can really visualize (is that how you spell it) you in the light blue satin.
    It looks really great and yes i love that song as well, we should have sung that on sing star the other night. Was Bec mortified?

  6. I am just totes crazy about jumpsuits and that one is gorgeous! Love all the details!!!

  7. It looks great. And you look very stunning for a seventies party. I bet you danced the night away looking like that!

  8. Oh Wow Jenni, I just love it. The skivy sets it off a treat too - you groovy thing!

  9. A fab result Jen - I don't know that I could show such dedication to a theme night, unless it was for a 50s theme of course. Wait, every day is 50s theme in my life!
    I dare you to wear it to the next girls' luncheon.