Sunday, July 26, 2009


I sent my brave little girl off to music camp first thing this morning...I say 'brave' because she was the only year 7 girl going! She forms part of a guitar ensemble, and that's why she got to go.
I expected her to burst into tears when it was time to go, but she didn't and I'm really proud of her! (I got a bit teary when I jumped in the car though)
As a surprise, I whipped up this reversible head band out of scraps left over from the guitar case name tag and the music tote bag. She thought it was pretty cool and wore it with pride.
Have fun Bec, and see you in a few days...


  1. How very brave of you both! There comes a time when it has to happen, but I'm dreading the moment (which is coming for me in September...gulp) Hope she has a wonderful time, and that you cope without her :)
    The headband is such a thoughtful gift...I'm sure she loved it!

  2. The reversible headband is so gorgeous & so very appropriate :)

  3. Hi There
    Where has Bec gone for her camp. I hope that she took lots of warm clothes.
    She will be fine, i bet the house is really quiet now.

  4. Hope she has a great time - it is hard seeing them go off on camps. No doubt she will have plenty of stories to tell. Her headband looks perfect.