Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MUST SEW #9.....again

Here is another skirt I made from New Look 6594. I was going to make this up in a corduroy, but I couldn't find a nice chocolate colour, and I wanted another skirt in a hurry, so instead I bought this fabric from Textile Traders . It has a teeny bit of stretch to it (I don't think it matters in this skirt that the fabric is stretch as it's not a firm fit anyway). No alterations again, which is way cool!
Oh, and I had to buy some chocolate coloured boots to match......just don't tell my husband (shhhhhhh)
I can see myself making a whole pile of these skirts. They are so easy to make and comfortable to wear.
I do think I'm starting to have a bit of a boot fetish though......


  1. that's a great skirt, love the pattern! oh and those a gorgeous boots too!

  2. Lovin' those boots Jenni...and shhhhh, I won't tell anyone! The skirt pattern is fabulous.

  3. Gosh Jen skirt looks nice and one of my favourite colours (next to black of course) I LOVE the boots.
    Weren't they for your birthday????

  4. What a great skirt Jenni!! Textile Traders is one of my favourite stores too:)