Monday, December 22, 2008


Alicia Keys Rocks!!! The concert was absolutely sensational. She is just such a beautiful and talented performer, and quite honestly, any one who can wear high waisted white jeans and still look fabulous gets a big tick in my book! And what a bonus...I didn't realise that Jordin Sparks would be performing as well, so that was a wonderful surprise. I think she's a real sweetie!

Well my hand recovered enough for me to make my dress for the concert. I made up View 'C' of New Look pattern 6805 in a black and white gingham. It came together so easily, I may have to make a couple of these for the summer months ahead. The only thing I had to alter was the length (I added about 5cm). I'm really diggin' the neckline of this dress - it has a kind of 50's feel about it.
Here's the finished product....

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  1. Dress looks great. What was the Rose and Crown like? OK how bout the week after news years. What does Bec want for her birthday :)